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Purchase Intranet File Sharing

Pricing and currencies

There are 4 licenses for Intranet File Sharing. The base price is set in $US and depends on the licensing type, as follows:


License for a network with a maximum of 20 computers
Price: $14.95 USD



License for a network with a maximum of 100 computers
Price: $34.95 USD



License for a network with a maximum of 300 computers
Price: $59.95 USD



License for a network with any number of computers
Price: $99.95 USD


Whenever possible, please use the USD currency when registering. Other currencies may also be acceptable. Registering through ShareIt!, in any way of payment supported by ShareIt! (credit card, bank/wire transfer, check or cash) and you can also place an order in Euro. While placing an order with ShareIt!, you will be able to choose between USD and Euro currencies, and ShareIt! will calculate the equivalent amount Euro based on the USD price for you.

Placing an order through ShareIt!

Through ShareIt! you can place your order for Intranet File Sharing, usually - but not necessarily - using your credit card. This is by far the fastest and most often used way to register the product, and it is recommended to all customers as the first choice. They have an European office based in Germany as well as USA-based one, and can accept payments in both USD and Euro. ShareIt! can accept all major CREDIT CARDS used these days, including Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club - credit card orders can be placed online through a secure, VeriSign certified site, or, if you prefer, sent by fax using a special form. Also available are other forms of payment, such as BANK / WIRE TRANSFERS, or sending CHECKS or CASH to the ShareIt! office.

To order Intranet File Sharing through a secure server from ShareIt!, please click on the link below:


ShareIt! will guide you through the ordering process in a few easy steps. All necessary information and instructions will be provided to you from there, as needed.

Payment approval

On payment approval (usually, in a few minutes for credit card payments, or a few days for other payments), ShareIt! will send you instructions to download the full version of the Intranet File Sharing and will generate and send by e-mail for you an unlock code to unlock the product. Your registration will be valid for all future versions of Intranet File Sharing. Because the software is obtained by Internet download, no disk media will be mailed.

If you will not get your instructions and the unlock code within a reasonable amount of time (two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other payments), please notify us about that! We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays.

IMPORTANT: when filling the order form, please double-check that your e-mail address is correct. If it will not, you will be unable to receive the unlock code for the product.