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Download the trial version of Intranet File Sharing

You can download the trial version of Intranet File Sharing from the following address:


To see some screenshots of the application please click here. For a static demonstration of the service please click here. Trial version of Intranet File Sharing has build-in some limitations in order to encourage registering this software. For more information on how to register please read "Purchase" page.

The limitations are:


The maximum number of computers that you can index and store into the database is limited to 10. On a network with more that 10 computers you will be able to index only the first 10 computers.


When you will index resources from the local network you will be able to retrieve data from only 3 computers at one time.


Maximum depth index level is 3.


Maximum number of returned results will be limited to 100.


A message on the web pages on the website and a message at the startup of the administering application will inform you that you are using a trial version.

If you will purchase the full version, you will get rid of these limitations.